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This is How You Can Sell on Facebook

Currently searching for ways to monetize selling online and puzzled on how you can make use of social media, especially the most popular Facebook? Whether you believe it or not, there are so many benefits that you can have by opting to sell on this social media platform. You’ll learn how you would be able to tap successfully in this market and make a sale by reading the next lines.

If you still don’t have a Facebook account, which is very unlikely, then it is wise to create 2 profiles. One will be intended for your personal profile while the other is for your business. When you are done creating your profiles, the next thing you should do is to posts and provide info about yourself as well as to your business. Make sure to have this done on both profiles.

In relation to your personal profile, this consists of details that are related to you; basically any general detail will do from what you’re currently up to, where you work, interests, likes, hobbies and so on. This profile being personal shouldn’t be talking any sales or marketing instead, you have to keep this natural and only about yourself and not about your business. People want to know more about you and it is your personal profile that will help you do it.

After you are through with your personal profile, you now have to find friends who have the same interests as yours. Once you’ve found users, you need to find a way that will encourage them to be a fan of your business page.

Now for your business profile, make it a point that you have all information there updated and new. Your next move is creating a post for your business after the profile is done. Then make sure to add photos of the items you are selling and don’t forget to create a link pointing back to your personal profile. Now this profile must be used as your sales page and with that, you have to talk more about what you are doing, about your merchandises and services, what offers are coming up etc. But still, try to keep things as natural as possible even though this is your sales page.

Now is the time to make more friends and join groups after establishing yourself and business on Facebook. You must be patient and search this platform when joining fans or groups of other people on Facebook. This is extremely important as it is what would help in finding leads that can be soon be converted into sales.

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