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How to Pick Your Dog’s Boarding Facility

Every now and then, you may have to leave your dog with pet boarding, such as when you have to deal with an emergency or need to go out of town. But how do you tell which facility is right for your furry bud?

Day-to-Day Routine

First off, ask the staff how the dogs in their care usually spend their day. The canines must be given enough opportunities to expend their excess energy. Also ask them what type of overnight care they provide to the pets.


Find a place that provides stress-busting amenities, such as a playground where the pets can exercise or engage in group play. Even in the best facilities, dogs can still have difficulty coping with the new environment, especially within the first few days.


You’d like to know if trained staff supervise the pets while in group play. Doggos should always be supervised while playing to avoid accidents or confrontations that can lead to injuries.

Sanitation and Facility Size

It’s a must to choose a clean, disinfected facility so that your dog stays as healthy and happy as when you left him. This is one of the most important reasons to pick a place that is spacious enough to allow the free circulation of air. This will help control the spread of harmful microorganisms among the animals.

24/7 Staffing

Choose a facility with 24-hour staffing. Pets must never be left alone, whether they’re playing or not. Someone should always be there, especially if there’s an emergency.

Staff Training

Ask what training and background the staff has in terms of animal care. A good knowledge of dog behavior, care or even training will make them respond better to any potential issues.

Social Interaction

If you have very active and friendly dog, find him a facility that lets him engage with people and dogs outside the facility. Speak to the staff about your pet’s personality, and if he’s more comfortable alone or with fewer people around, tell them that too. Just because you have to be away doesn’t mean your pet has to be miserable.

General Medical Emergency Readiness

Ask the staff about general emergency preparedness, including the policies they follow in emergency situations. On top of that, you’d like to know which animal they usually take sick or injured pets to whenever necessary.

Medical Care

If your dog has a medical condition, ask them whether their staff is trained in administering medications and if they are familiar with that particular condition. Lastly and very importantly, ask them if they are ready to respond to an emergency and whether a veterinarian will be on board 24/7.

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