Four Types of T Shirt Printing Techniques

Are you thinking of creating your own custom tee at home? If the answer is yes, then there are some printing technique you can choose according to your need. This article will elaborate those technique briefly to help you choose the best one for your condition.

You can read the description of some t shirt printing technique on the following list below:

  • Iron-on transfers: using this method, specific transfer paper can be used to create the design on a home printer and then iron it on your t-shirt. This method is probably considered as the easiest and the cheapest method among all printing method available. No design compromising is needed. However, the design cannot be too sharp and it will not last long.
  • Screen printing: this printing method utilizes a stencil or screen that is pressed on the cloth. It can be considered as the most common practice to create DIY t shirt. The process can be quite time consuming and needs different screens or stencils for each colors. However, the results are durable and it will not cost that much, especially for bulk orders.
  • Vinyl heat press: if you use this method, the printing machine will cut the design you have created out of a vinyl sheet. Once you are done with this process, you can peel the excess vinyl away and heat press the design on the shirt. This method lasts way longer then the iron-on transfers’ method and is suitable for sharper designs. Despite so, it is slightly more expensive than iron-on transfers and it is not suitable for detailed designs. The vinyl will sometimes pucker.
  • Direct to fabric: this technique can be considered an emerging printing method in the industry. Just like its name, this method prints the ink to garments directly. This result does not have a bulged or outward feel because the ink or color is absorbed deep into the fiber. The process of printing can be quite complicated if the color of the shirt is darker and it is pretty pricey for bulk orders. Even so, it is very effective for complicated designs and you can use various colors on your custom t-shirt with this method.

The list above already explain briefly about several printing techniques for your shirt. You can choose those technique based on your needs and wants. Discussing with your friends experts is recommended before choosing the best technique for your shirt.